-About Us-

Hi! I am Susan

I am the Owner and Founder of Maggie May Clothing. Since childhood, I have been fascinated with folklife, history, and the “old ways of doing things.” I quickly realized by donning the clothing of the past, I could obtain a deeper understanding of those who came before us. This fascination followed me through life. At the age of 13, I made my first historical costume. From then on, I was hooked on historical fashion.

Four years later, I sold my first historical garment under the name Maggie May’s Historical Fashion. (Maggie May was my mother’s name and since she taught me to sew, I found the name fitting. Sorry Rod.)
In college, I majored in History and Fine Arts and went on to earn a Masters in Visual Arts Education. In 2000, I established an online presence for my historical clothing business. Since then my business has developed into a full time en devour. Over the years, I have had the pleasure of working with clients from television networks, film companies, theatrical groups, and museums around the globe.

My Design Philosophy:

I view historical fashion as a form of storytelling. Good storytellers weave insights into a past we, as a modern audience, may be too far removed from to fully understand. We can use historical fashion to reveal a wealth of information about those who came before us. Historical clothing gives us distinct visual clues about an individual’s circumstance, accommodation, and personality. It can tell us where she/he fits in history. It allows both the wearer and the viewer to experience the past in tangible way. It is my belief that the most successful period clothing is easily recognizable by a modern audience and based clearly enough on historical reality that the viewer gets the whole picture and understands the significance of a character’s time and place.

Sustainability Pledge:

Maggie May Clothing is an environmentally- friendly, zero waste company that employs and empowers women by providing a living wage while also supporting a trade. All our garments are made here in the Southeast by my team of seamstresses with materials and supplies sourced locally. We support our sustainability pledge by using treadle powered sewing machines and natural energy sources. We also recycle all our textile scraps into a variety of fiber arts.

Community Give Back:

Maggie May Clothing supports various local charitable causes including Visual Arts programming for economically disadvantaged rural youth, Arts and Culture Advocacy for rural Southeastern Tennessee, and our Adopt a Museum Program. In 2018, MMC helped faciliate investments of $35,000.00 into our local community. Your purchase from Maggie May Clothing helps support these charitable causes.

Our Clientele Includes:

NBC/Sony, Walt Disney Pictures, Tim Burton Productions, Forty Acres and a Mule Filmworks, The Hallmark Channel, The Sante Fe Opera, The Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Georgetown Community Theatre, McCarter Theatre, The American Repertory Theater, Stanford University, Frazier International History Museum, Historic Brattonsville, Conner Prairie, Lowell Mill Historical Park, Barrington Living History Farm, Historic Exchange Place and many more