Save the date! Sneak peek at CalicoBall

We here at Maggie May Clothing are excited to share with you news of our upcoming expansion!

Introducing CalicoBall- An online historical collective


CalicoBall is a historical collective featuring the best of our rural heritage- including vintage fashion, heirloom farming, folkways, old fashioned recipes, and historical vignettes. CalicoBall is a grassroots effort to document, preserve, and present rural America’s diverse historical traditions.

What is a Calico Ball?

Ladies dressed in their matching calico gowns.

Calico Balls (often called Grand Calico Balls) originated in the mid 19th century and were benevolent social gatherings. Ladies and gentlemen of middle and upper middle class would forgo their fancy silks and satins for the evening and instead don much simpler gowns and ties made from humble cotton calico. Afterwards, calico ball gowns were donated to local charities. Calico Balls reached their heyday in the 1870s and 1880s and lasted well into the early 20th century.

At CalicoBall, we celebrate the humble. We believe meaningful connection with the past is the root of authentic living. We honor our rural heritage by preserving the cultural story of those who came before us and we strive to provide a place of respite for our readers in this fast- paced, often hectic, modern world!

CalicoBall launches late Spring 2020!

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