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Children's Special Order Catalog
-Sizes 5-14-

Early-Mid 19th century day dress
Girl's gathered front dress

Special  Order #1840G
sizes 5-14 $225.00

Standard Chemise
Girl's chemise

Special Order #GCHEM
sz S, M, L  $65.00

Flounced Petticoat
Girl's flounced petticoat

Special Order #GPetti


Girl's pantalettes

Special Order #GPNTLS
sz S, M, L  $65.00

Late 18th-Early 19th century Skeleton suit:
shirt, waistcoat, and trousers
Boy's regency era suit

Special Order # 1800B
sz 4T-6 $375.00
sz 8-14 $475.00

Early-Mid 19th century Shirt, waistcoat,
and narrow fall trousers
Boy's historical suit

Special Order # 1850B
sz 4T-6  $375.00
sz 8-14 $475.00

19th-20th century shirt, suspenders,
and trousers
Boy's mid 19th century suit

Special Order # 1860B
sz 4T-6 $325.00
sz 8-14 $425.00

Regency and Romantic Era shirt
Boy's Romantic era shirt

Special Order # SHRTRB
sz 4T-6 $75.00
sz 8-14 $95.00
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