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New design! 1870s dress

Just out of the studio! Our NEW 1870s ERA RURAL DRESS!

This gown features a loose fitting bodice, bell shaped sleeves and a full skirt cut in the 1870s era style! Made of authentic 100% cotton print, this dress is brand new for the 2015 season!

1870dress5(collar and cameo sold separately)

1870dress1  1870dress2

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1860s Glengarry cap

While browsing Ebay, I can across this gorgeous ORIGINAL 1860s era glengarry cap. Made of straw, this style cap was the highest of fashion and most likely came from Europe. Take a look at the intricate detailing of the beadwork trim and fantastic straw floral embellishments! A beautiful example of a period glengarry!

glengary1 glengary2 glengary4 glengary5 glengary6 glengary7

This item was found on Ebay July 27, 2015 with an asking price of $165.00

Victorian Era bonnet

This light weight half bonnet is a great choice for ladies not wanting to wear a full bonnet. Our Victorian era straw bonnet is open at the back and allows room for showing off curls, braids, and other lavish hairstyles. It is features millinery wire at the base and brim to allow adjustability in fit and shape. Our half bonnet is one of our most popular styles.


This black lace half bonnet is headed for a client in Oregon. If you would like more information about how to order a bonnet like this, please visit our website at or email us at


Mid 19th century day dress

This gown is our American South dress and is a popular choice for every day wear for the 1840s-1870s. It is shown over our standard petticoat and features wooden buttons down the center front. We created a matching straw half bonnet (ML2) to complete the ensemble.


midcentbonnet1midcentbonnet2This gown, bonnet, and petticoat are headed to a museum in Canada. If you would like more information about our American South dress, petticoat, or bonnet, please visit our website at or email us at


Mid Century Boy’s Clothing

We recently completed two sets of trousers, shirt, and suspenders for a museum in Norway. You can find more information about our historical children’s clothing at



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Victorian lace bonnet

A replay of our popular all white bonnet! Lovely point d’esprit and straw half bonnet trimmed with vintage venetian lace and floral satin rosettes! Sheer white floral cotton ties are super soft under the chin! Perfect for a summer afternoon picnic!

lacebonnet1 lacebonnet2


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Modified chemise

We recently completed several garments for an upcoming short film for a production company in New York City. We altered our existing chemise pattern to create this long, flowing undergarment.

modchemise3 modchemise4

The full length full sleeves have ties a the cuff. Ties around around the neckline allow the wearer to adjust fullness. The front also features a button front opening and extra deep neckline. It is cut extra slim to avoid bulkiness. The production company also requested they be hemmed to floor length.

modchemise1 modchemise2