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WWI Era Nurse’s uniform

Did you know this year marks the 100th anniversary of WWI? Boy- we do! We’ve been busy making WWI Nurse’s uniforms for clients all around the world!

WWInurse2  WWInurse3

This one is headed stateside- just up the road for a living historian who portrays French and German resistance along with a WWI era nurse. This dress features detachable collar and cuffs and our X-back apron.


Here is a nice original example of this style apron:


(Source: Manchester Art Galleries)

For more information about this uniform or any of our historical clothing, please visit our catalog or contact us at info@maggiemayfashions.com

WWI Nurse’s Uniform

Here are a few images of another recently completed WWI Era nurse’s uniform based on images of extant garments provided by the client.

WWInurseoriginals  WWInurse1

This uniform features the removable collar and cuffs and a rounded apron. This uniform is headed to Australia.



For more information about our WWI Era uniforms, please visit our catalog or email us at info@maggiemayfashions.com.