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Hello Girl Uniform

We recently completed our second commission for a WWI Hello Girls Uniform. This uniform is made of navy blue twill wool* and a cotton sateen lining. The buttons are original.

For the second uniform, I tweaked a few things on my pattern- including a slightly more fitted jacket body and fuller jacket skirt at center back. I narrowed the skirt and added pockets. I have yet to master the bellows pockets and will need to find some time to teach myself the technique.

*I ran into few roadblocks with acquiring the wool for this uniform. The original calls for melton but finding the right weight is difficult. After a 6 week back order and fabric that never arrived, I searched diligently for something as close as possible. What I found was this textured wool gaberdine that when opened I was not pleased with at all. But time was of the essence and so I had not much choice but to hope for the best.*

As I worked, I found the wool lovely to work with. It held its body beautifully and created a gorgeous skirt. It felt very authentic in look and feel. The jacket was a dream as well and in the end, I really love the way this uniform turned out. It has that “original feel” to it and the color/ texture added a whole new dimension that melton wool cannot achieve. (Melton tends to look generic in my opinion.)

Love when Plan B works out way better than Plan A ever would have! Yeah for flexibility!

Now onto more WWI Hello Girls uniforms! We have commissions for 6 more of these already this year!

For more information about our WWI Hello Girl Uniform or any of our custom designed historical garments, please visit our website at www.maggiemayfashions.com