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18th-19th century
Regency gown
The Marie Dress
Regency Ballgown
The Camille Dress
Women's regency slip
Regency Era Shift

Boy's skeleton suit
Boy's Skeleton Suit

Boy's regency/romantic shirt
Boy's Regency & Romantic Era shirt

Romantic Era gown
The Emily Dress
1840s gown
The Brooks Dress
Women's corded petticoat
Corded petticoat
1850s gown
The American South Dress
Girl's mid 19th century dress
The Ellie Dress
1870s gown
The Homesteader Dress
1880s gown
The Harvest Bustle Dress

Women's overbust corset
Overbust corset
(mid-late 19th century)
Women's underbust corset
Underbust corset
(Late 19th century)
Boy's vest and trousers
Boy's vest suit
Boy's trousers with suspenders
Boy's suspender suit
WWI Uniforms
WWI Ward uniform
Ward Uniform
WWI nurse uniform
Standard Nursing Uniform
WWI Red Cross Uniform
Red Cross Uniform
WWI Hello Girl Uniform
Hello Girl Uniform

WWI tippet
Nurse's grey tippet
WWI tippet
Nurse's red tippet

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