A Victorian Era boy’s suit

I recently completed a Victorian era middle- upper middle class School Boy’s suit for a customer in Cairo, Egypt.

The suit consists of a pair of trousers, shirt, waistcoat, cravat, and wool hat. Victorian etiquette called for boys (and men) of middle and upper middle class to wear a waistcoat at all times (as to go about with just a shirt and trousers was considered in very bad taste).

Victorian Era school boy

About Susan

Hi! My name is Susan and I am a historian, seamstress, teacher, mother, and wife. My passion for history has manifested itself in the art of recreating clothing from different periods of time. Growing up in the American South, I am heavily schooled in the art of recreating clothing from the 19th century. After nearly a decade of immersing myself primarily in the Victorian period, I found the need to branch out and explore other periods of time. However, it is my connection with the American South and the clothing of rural America that continues to be the driving force behind my designs.