Introducing our Late Edwardian Era Corset!

We are excited to announce our new corset design! Introducing our Late Edwardian/Teens Era Corset!

Our Late Edwardian/Teens Era corset is based on original corsets from this period and is made of high quality corset coutil and luxuriously soft/high thread count cotton lining. Our Late Edwardian Era corset will help you achieve the desired silhouette of the first two decades of the 20th century.

Our Late Edwardian/Teens era corset is available in bust sizes 34-46″ in A, B, C, and D cups. This corset has approximately 1-3″ flexibility in sizing.

We use a combination of high quality synthetic whalebone and strategically placed steel boning. All our seams are double stitched. This corset laces up the back and has a steel front busk closure. Flossing and ribbon colors vary from blue, pink, white, and violet.

You can read more about our Late Edwardian Era Corset including all the details about sizing and ordering in our catalog.

About Susan

My interest in historical costume began at a very early age. I knew by age 5 I wanted to be a designer. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to turn my passion into a full time business. You can find my costumes onstage in NYC, on the big screen, and in museums around the globe.