Marie Antoinette movie gown

The next commission on my agenda is recreating the pale blue polonaise gown from Sophia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette.

The award winning costumes in this film are gorgeous and feminine and the color palette simply delectable! Some of my favorites are the pale blue robe and the zone front gown.

The gown I have been commissioned to make is based upon two Marie Antoinette gowns- a pink closed robe and the pale blue polonaise.

The cut of this dress will be based upon the blue polonaise but the fabric and color selection is based upon the pink closed robe. Thus, the final dress will be a matte pink�satin taffeta polonaise.

It will be worn over pocket hoops and a period corset. I am putting together the pocket hoops as well but not the corset. The corset has been commissioned elsewhere.

I am very much looking forward to the challenge of this project. I have not had any 18th century commissions in quite some time and I am excited about revisiting this time period.

I will post updates as the project progresses!

(Marie Antoinette gown images courtesy The Costumer’s Guide to movie costumes)

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