“Bubbles” Naturally dyed Indigo scarf


This oh-so-soft, semi sheer, and breezy naturally dyed indigo scarf was made right here in our studio using centuries old natural dye techniques. Using historical practices of extracting color from the indigo plant, we have created a collection of textiles that look and feel very modern but originate from practices steeped in world history.

Size: 18″x58″

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The art and skill of natural dye is an age old process that has been passed down from generation to generation for hundreds of years. The process of extracting color from our natural environment transcends culture, time, and place. It is a universal language and each region has its own process. From Africa to Japan and finally the Americas, the art of indigo dye is truly timeless. Our naturally dyed garments and accessories bring a modern look and feel to the historical process of extracting, producing, and applying color to textiles.

Fiber: Cotton-Rayon blend

Each naturally dyed garment is one of kind and some subtleties in color should be expected. While we have used proven methods to ensure color longevity, expect some color shifts over time. Do not store in direct sunlight. Hand wash only using gentle non sulfate soap and air dry.

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