1880s era Annabelle Bonnet

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Our Annabelle straw hat embodies the tall crowned hats reminiscent of flower pots and were widely popular during the late 19th century. Our straw bonnet features an upturned brim, checked ribbons, and ostrich feathers. One size only. Best worn with a hat pin (sold separately.) THIS BONNET IS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE AT THE HISTORIC RUGBY COMMISSARY.

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The size and shape of this narrow braid sewn straw bonnet is inspired by period flower pot hat shapes dating to the 1880s-1890s era. All finished hats are sized on a 22.5″ hat block. This hat will fit slightly smaller or larger head circumferences as well. Head circumferences larger than 23.5″ or smaller than 21.5″  require custom order sizing. Email us for more details.

Colors: Light Teal, Brown, Gold, and Cream

Brim width: 11″ at fullest (flat)

Brim Depth: 6″ at center point

Crown Depth: 5″ tall; 5″ wide

Internal Circumference (where crown meets the brim): 20.5″

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