2″ Silk Ribbons- Naturally dyed


Put a touch of elegance on your millinery work with naturally dyed silk ribbon. Made from heritage plant dyes like madder, weld and indigo, each length of ribbon slightly frayed at the edges to add rustic texture to your designs. Cut to length. Order color swatches for precise color matching.

Hand dyed with natural botanical colors by textile artist Cindy Houston. Cindy will ship your order directly to you from her studio in Kentucky.

Minimum order is 2 yards

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100%  silk habotai cut into ribbons. 2 yard minimum order

Colors depend on the season, weather, and other natural conditions and variation in colors should be expected. It is this variation that makes naturally dyed ribbons exquisitely beautiful.

Natural Color Descriptions:

Coreopsis (or tickseed flower) over dyed with iron results in  shades of a deep greens and browns.

Marigold (or tagetes) yields a rich shade of yellow.

The heartwood of the native osage orange tree is the source of brilliant orange yellows.

The common weld plant has been the source of colorfast yellows for thousands of years.

This rich shade of indigo blue has been high fashion for millenia.

The properties of lac, derived from a New World insect result in the deepest crimson reds.

Combining madder and cochineal result in a beautiful scarlet red.

The safflower plant is a rich source for yellows and pinks.

The stong pinks of cochineal combined with iron yield a lovely lilac.

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Coreposis + Iron, Marigold, Osage, Weld, Indigo, Premium Lac, Madder + Cochineal, Safflower, Cochineal + Iron, Swatch Card