-About Us-

Hi! Welcome to Maggie May Clothing! We are glad you found us!

Maggie May Clothing™ is a bespoke historical fashion atelier nestled in a quiet little valley where the Appalachian Mountains meet the Cumberland Plateau. Here at the studio, we believe new is not always better; clothes are meant to withstand the test of time; and exceptional craftsmanship paired with custom fit never goes out of style.

Since 1994, we have been designing and creating authentic, high quality, custom made historical fashion. Our designs are based on extant garments, historical personas, or historical narratives. We use only top quality, all natural fibers appropriate for the styles and eras we are replicating.

Maggie May Clothing is the dream-child of historian, designer, and founder, Susan Jarrett. Over the years, Maggie May Clothing has grown to include a team of four freelance seamstresses and a regional network of natural dyers, weavers, and heritage artisans.

In 2018, Maggie May Clothing’s designs were featured in the New York Times. Take a peek at our other notable work.

Sustainability Pledge:

Maggie May’s historical garments are created using both meticulous historical technique and modern ethical practice. We believe in well crafted, mindfully produced fashion made to last. We understand less is more and support our clients’ belief that quality and individuality are more important than quantity and trends. We support sustainable production by using all natural, domestically- sourced materials rather than imported goods. We source end stock textiles when available helping to reduce industry waste. We are plastic free and use digital invoicing and packing slips rather than paper copies. And finally, we take our dedication to local seriously by producing all of our garments right here in Southeastern Tennessee!

Our Clientele Includes:

  • NBC/Sony
  • Walt Disney Pictures
  • Tim Burton Productions
  • Forty Acres and a Mule Filmworks
  • The Hallmark Channel
  • Det NY Teater
  • The Sante Fe Opera
  • The Oregon Shakespeare Festival
  • Georgetown Community Theatre
  • McCarter Theatre
  • The American Repertory Theater
  • Stanford University
  • Frazier International History Museum
  • Historic Brattonsville
  • Lowell Mill Historical Park
  • Barrington Living History Farm
  • Historic Exchange Place and many more

Susan’s Design Philosophy:

I view historical fashion as a form of storytelling. Good storytellers weave insights into a past we, as a modern audience, may be too far removed from to fully comprehend. We can use historical fashion to reveal a wealth of information about those who came before us. Historical clothing gives us distinct visual clues about an individual?s circumstance, accommodation, and personality. It can tell us where she/he fits in the story. It allows both the wearer and the viewer to experience the past in an authentic way.

I believe the story told through historical clothing should be recognizable by a modern audience but be based clearly enough on historical example that the viewer understands the significance of a character?s time and place within the context of the larger story.

Susan holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Tennessee in Visual Arts and undergraduate degrees in American History and Historical Textiles. She served as a methodology instructor for Tennessee Tech University for 10 years. Susan is available for workshops, seminars, and speaking engagements. She also offers historical clothing education and consulting services. Please see Services for more information.

Community Give Back:

Maggie May Clothing supports Visual Arts programming for rural youth by assisting in the facilitation of Arts investments within the community. Susan Jarrett is also an Arts and Culture Advocate for rural Southeastern Tennessee and served 3 years on the board of the regional Arts Council.

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