Caring For Your Maggie May Clothing

Maggie May Clothing uses only the finest natural materials in our garments. Due to the nature of how and where are garments are intended to be worn, we take great consideration into the launder ability and ease of care for our clothing. Please always follow our recommended washing instructions.

  • Cotton garments should be hand laundered in cool water and line dried. You may also put your 100% cotton clothing in the washing machine on the gentle cycle with cool water/like colors. Air drying is always recommended. Please do not hang your garments in direct sunlight as this may cause discoloration and fading.
  • Linen garments should be hand washed in lukewarm water and dried flat only. Both cold and hot water will cause linen to shrink and alter its shape.
  • Silk garments should always be dry cleaned only.
  • Wool garments should be dry cleaned only.
  • Hand dyed garments should always be washed separately by hand in cold water only. Line dry. Bleeding may occur, especially in darker hues.
  • Hats, Bonnets, and Straw should be spot cleaned with a slightly damp cloth only. Spot test silks prior to cleaning. Never scrub millinery. Never wear millinery in inclement weather- including mildly damp conditions.

We recommend only natural soaps and softeners (or those that do not have chemicals or dyes listed in the ingredients).Chemical- based detergents and softeners can cause spotting on garments and should not be used. Some cleaners such as Borax and Washing Soda can be harsh on dyed fabrics. Use with caution. Never pour detergent or softeners directly onto fabrics. Always dilute in the wash tub first Never twist, wring, or scrub your garments as this can cause fiber damage.

Raw edged garments will naturally fray at the edges as you wear them, especially after washing in a machine. Simply trim off the extra loose fibers to retain the look that you desire. 

Remember, when worn regularly, natural fibers will begin to show signs of wear. This is a unique patina that tells your sartorial story. Just like antiques, the garments are meant to age, tell a story, and gain character over time.

Please note: Customer assumes all risks associated with garment maintenance, including but not limited to shrinkage, color bleeding, and garment wear.