Historical Undergarments

Now Accepting Orders for AUGUST 2024!

No historical silhouette is complete without proper foundation garments. These foundation garments are collectively referred to as historical undergarments. Maggie May Clothing’s foundation garments/historical undergarments include but are not limited to shifts, chemises, chemisettes, petticoats, corsets, and bustles.

Our historical undergarments have been streamlined to fit a variety of silhouettes. For example, our extra full petticoat is best suited to time periods that have wide, full skirts. Whereas our ruffled hem petticoat is best suited to time periods with a slightly narrower silhouette such as the 1820s, 1870s, 1880s-1900. We have also streamlined our petticoats to fit most all sizing with most employing a drawstring waist closure. Our shifts and chemises are sold by BUST or HIP size depending on style. We use a standard 35? hem length for most all our ready made garments as this is the ideal hem length for the average female height we normally serve. Over the years we have offered a variety of corset styles but have found that our Over Bust corset pattern is the most versatile and best design to date. We recommend clients always use our custom order PDF when ordering corsets so we can ensure a proper and comfortable fit. Stock size corsets are best suited for museum display and/or interpretive pieces or when specific fit is not required. We recommend our Over bust corset for any client seeking an hourglass silhouette.

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