Historical Maternity Wear

For years, historical maternity wear was something of an obscurity. But now, more and more museums and other historical clothing collections are paying attention to these special garments and making them available for study! Here are few of my findings.

Maternity gown c. 1825
Image courtesy Powerhouse Museum

Two mid 19th century maternity gowns c. 1850-1865. 
Images courtesy Augusta Auctions.
Maternity Wrapper c. 1850s
Images courtesy Antique Textile
Maternity Dress c. 1850s
Image courtesy Augusta Auctions

Maternity Bodice c. 1860
Images courtesy Antique Textile

Visiting Gown c. 1870s
Image courtesy Powerhouse Museum
Maternity Gown c. 1880-1890s
Image by Susan Jarrett
Maternity Corset c. 1892
Image courtesy Antique Textile.

Maternity Gown c. 1900-1914
Private owner/Ebay listing

Wool Maternity gown- c. 1880-1900
Private owner/Ebay listing

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