A note regarding Covid-19

Since we are all being bombarded with Covid-19 notifications regarding precautions being taken by businesses, etc. etc., as a small business owner, I somehow feel obligated to make an official statement:
So here goes:
The state of TN and our neighboring cities are canceling all group gatherings for 2-4 weeks. Colleges, Universities, and public schools are activating remote learning plans. So, locally, we are in line with the rest of the nation.

Here at Maggie May Clothing, we too are keeping up with the latest information regarding Covid-19 and making adjustments accordingly. I really DO NOT FORSEE any change in our day to day production here at Maggie May Clothing. Our studio is located in a rural area and the population is quite spread out. One can say, “social distancing” is regular practice here!
We clean the studio regularly. We do not use contract seamstresses this time of year and we do not have individuals coming in and out of our studio. We buy locally rather than import.

So unless federal mail services are canceled or delayed, I DO NOT FORSEE ANY CHANGES IN OUR REGULAR BUSINESS HOURS or ACTIVITIES.

So let us all carry on my friends! And stay healthy!

On a side note, did you know these now wildly popular “Keep Calm” posters were printed en masse by the British government on the eve of WWII? In June 1939, Over 2.5 million copies were printed (but never distributed) in an effort to counteract mass panic predicted to result from mass bombings (now known as The Blitz). Existence of this poster was not discovered until 2000 when a copy was found in a bookshop in a small town in Northern England.

About Susan

My interest in historical costume began at a very early age. I knew by age 5 I wanted to be a designer. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to turn my passion into a full time business. You can find my costumes onstage in NYC, on the big screen, and in museums around the globe.