WWI Overseas Ambulance Driver Uniform

This WWI Era Overseas Red Cross Ambulance driver uniform was a custom commission for an interpreter who volunteers at the National WWI Museum.

After doing a bit of research, I discovered many female overseas ambulance drivers originated from the US Motor Corps. Photographic evidence confirmed this as well.

ARC Motor Corps Driver in Washington DC
Female Ambulance driver overseas in Italy

This female ambulance driver uniform is also my reproduction US Motor Corps Uniform without the Sam Browne belt and with jodhpurs in lieu of the skirt. It is inspired by the extant jacket and jodhpurs made by Abercrombie and Fitch- well known WWI uniform makers.

Made of 100% smooth weave cotton, research shows Motor Corps uniforms were made in both wool and cotton and were custom commissioned by women who joined the Corps. Women paid local tailors out of their own pockets to sew the uniforms. Most who joined the corps were well off and saw their service as an act of patriotism.

This uniform is by commission only and not a part of our custom order collection. For more information about this uniform please email us at info@maggiemayfashions.com

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