Maggie May Clothing- Fine Historical Fashion
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Fine Historical Fashion with a pastoral appeal

Hello and Welcome!
Maggie May Clothing is exclusively for clients seeking exquisite, high quality, historical fashion
that will transport both the wearer and the viewer into the past. Please feel free to take a peek around our shop.

1850s dress
American South Dress
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WWI Hello Girl Uniform
WWI Hello Girl
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Boy's shirt and suspenders
Boy's Suspender Suit
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Girl's 1850s dress
Girl's mid 19th century
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See what we are making now! Take a tour of the studio! Learn more about historical fashion on our blog!
1860s bodices, blouses, and waists
Bodices, Blouses, and Waists
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How to make a bustle gown
an Extant Bustle Era Gown...
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Costume studio
Remebering our first studio
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