Happy New Year! Welcome 2023!

A new year of historical fashion is upon us! Can you believe it! We are looking forward to beginning our Winter season with a hurrah! We already have several projects in the works! Thanks to all who have already booked their custom commissions! Welcome 2023!

Each year we complete a “year in review” and make adjustments to our services and practices as necessary. This allows us to stay fresh and relevant as well as keeps things running smoothly behind the scenes.

New Year’s c. 1876

Changes and Updates for 2023:

  1. We are discontinuing our Past Pattern pattern kits in 2023. In 2020, we approached Saundra Ros Altman, owner of Past Patterns, about partnering with her company to offer pattern kits. We were delighted when she agreed! However in April 2022, Past Patterns was sold and Ms. Altman moved to Creative Director. With the sewing pattern market changing at a rapid pace and a multitude of new independent historical sewing patterns available today, we have decided to discontinue offering Past Patterns pattern kits. Our fabric collection continues to be available to all who wish to make their own historical and historically inspired clothing! Thank you Ms. Altman for allowing us to work with you!
  2. ALL ORDERS must be paid prior to delivery. This is not a surprise to the majority of our clients. However, established clients who requested special billing in the past need to contact us for arrangements moving forward.
  3. Shipping fees are increasing in 2023. This is not us. This is our carrier. We received notification in September 2022 regarding an “across the board” shipping rate increase. Unfortunately, this is out of our hands. We have investigated alternative parcel carriers and it seems the increase is everywhere.
  4. We are discontinuing our auxiliary Etsy shop. In Fall 2022, Etsy outsourced its incoming and outgoing payment system to Plaid- a third party. All Etsy shop owners were required to submit private banking information to this third party. After much review, we deemed there was not enough information provided by Etsy regarding the security and privacy of this third party for us to make the shift. For now, our Etsy shop is closed. (More on ETSY here)
  5. UK buyers need to handle all VAT fees. Again- This is nothing new but we have been using ETSY’s fee collection platform to help UK buyers navigate new VAT laws. As we are parting ways with ETSY this year and until we reconfigure our website to assess, collect, and pay UK VAT fees, MMC will NOT collect on your behalf VAT or customs fees on purchases made from our website. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  6. Just a reminder: Be sure you are a not for profit entity, volunteer, or educator before you purchase! You may be required to submit appropriate nonprofit documentation on your purchases!

About Susan

My interest in historical costume began at a very early age. I knew by age 5 I wanted to be a designer. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to turn my passion into a full time business. You can find my costumes onstage in NYC, on the big screen, and in museums around the globe.