Victorian Era Work Dress in muted tone print

Here is another example of our Late Romantic-Victorian Era work dresses. This is our Work Woman’s Dress in a muted green-grey stripe print fabric. Our Work Woman’s dress is a more economical version of our American South Dress. It does not have a bodice lining or piped details. The skirt is slightly narrower and does not employ our signature hem protector. Our Work Woman Dress is still an extremely durable gown and is better suited for warmer months/climates and Romantic and Late Victorian Era impressions.

Our Work Woman’s Dress in muted tone era appropriate fabric
Shown with our cotton crochet collar as a mock fischu
Here we have secured the ends of the collar with a ribbon to create a tie at the back

For more information about our custom Work Woman’s dress or our crochet cotton collars, visit our catalog.

About Susan

My interest in historical costume began at a very early age. I knew by age 5 I wanted to be a designer. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to turn my passion into a full time business. You can find my costumes onstage in NYC, on the big screen, and in museums around the globe.