Oliver! Children’s Costumes

Amidst the world wide Covid 19 crisis, the shining light in the storm has been a commission from the DET NY TEATER in Copenhagen, Denmark for their upcoming stage production of Oliver!

We have been stitching furiously for the past few weeks creating the first set of costumes: Here are the girls garments:

This girl’s dress is a custom design based on the 1820s silhouette found in period illustrations. The sleeve consists of a puffed sleeve that joins with a narrow fitted sleeve. The bodice is pleated at center front and smocked at the neckline. The hem is cut extra long to accommodate fittings that will be completed in Denmark.

Our girl’s 1820s era gown is made from an early Romantic Era reproduction cotton print that reflects the color and style of Copenhagen, Denmark quite well!

City scape of Copenhagen, Denmark. Getty Images.

The gown closes at center back with a hidden zipper. Period closures such as hook and eyes are too laborious for quick costume changes.

This is our girl’s Ellie Dress. It is made up in a replica 1840s era print from our reproduction fabric collection.

This gown is cut extra long to accommodate fittings. This gown also closes in the center back with a hidden zipper to accommodate quick dress changes.

This is our Sarah Dress. It has been recut to reflect the style of 1790s. It is made from a delicate blue and cream berry print from our reproduction fabric collection. I originally made this gown last summer and have tweaked the design for a cleaner silhouette. I also increased the fullness of the skirt. This is perhaps my favorite gown of all the costumes I have made for this production to date!

The hem has been left unfitted to accommodate final fittings in Denmark.

The gown closes at the center back with a hidden zipper to allow for quick dress changes between acts.

This is a custom designed gown based on the silhouettes of the late 1820s. The sleeves are not as full as we see in the 1830s and the waistline sits at its normal position. This gown is made from the most delicate violet dot print from our reproduction fabric collection.

This gown has also been modified with a hidden zipper closure rather than the traditional hook and eyes. The hem will be finished at final fittings in Denmark.

About Susan

My interest in historical costume began at a very early age. I knew by age 5 I wanted to be a designer. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to turn my passion into a full time business. You can find my costumes onstage in NYC, on the big screen, and in museums around the globe.